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SafeEnergy is a community driven deflationary charity token with future projects
to reduce our carbon footprint by making renewable energy sources more accesible.

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1 Quadrillion Supply
292 Trillion Burned
2000 Holders
$55.000 Liquidity
$410.000 Market Cap

Average energy usage in Bitcoin mining is 130 TWh. From another point of view, that is:

0 Tons of oil
Equals Sweden's annual electricity usage
0 times The annual electricity usage of Slovenia
0 liters of Jet Fuel

SafeEnergy is planning on reducing the adverse effects that this astronomical amount can bring to the world by incentivizing using renewable energy sources to mine Bitcoin.

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SafeEnergy, or $ENERGYX is a community driven deflationary charity token with future projects to reduce our carbon footprint by making renewable energy sources more accessible. As SafeEnergy, we are determined and highly motivated, and made it our goal to invest, to establish, and support projects which incentivize the usage of renewable energy sources in mining BTC.



  • Q1

    The initial phase of the project mainly consists of hiring the team members, planning and designing the code, and setting up our roadmap according to what we want to ultimately achieve. This phase has been achieved, as we have been listed on PancakeSwap, released our contract, locked the necessary wallets and renounced ownership.

  • Q2

    The second phase of the project is perhaps the most critical of them all. As it is here that the team focuses on getting the name heard through various marketing strategies, listings on exchanges and social media accounts. In this phase, our Exponential Burn tokenomics has also taken place, as we have burnt 30% of the supply at specific holder amounts. Moving forward, this quarter will focus on community building, listings, and aggressive advertisements on every platform available while renewing the website.

  • Q3

    The third phase of the token will take place as the community has been built and there are loyal community members. In this stage, the token will expand and will apply to newer and more prolific listing websites and finally start doing charities to community voted environmental charity organizations. After the token gains ground is when the SafeEnergy team will start to fund and even create their own renewable energy projects which aim to combine these systems with crypto currency mining.

  • Q4

    On the last quarter of the year, SafeEnergy will look to expand their own team and start to build and organization dedicated to realizing the dream that was embedded in the launch of the token. Finally, the SafeEnergy token team will also take to making the grounds for the SafeEnergy organization which is fully dedicated to bringing their renewable energy goals to the public with a dedicated team.

  • Moving Forward, 2022

    After the organization has been launched and taken a foothold in the market of renewable energy projects, SafeEnergy will look to combining its efforts to making crypto completely free of carbon-based solutions while making mining with renewable energy sources much more prolific and even dominant in the scene.


Each transaction has a 10% tax.

5% is permanently burned
5% is distributed to the SafeEnergy holders


PancakeSwap 53%
Burn 30%
Angel Investors 10%
Marketing 5%
Team Wallet 2.5%

Advantages Tokenomics

5% of every transaction will be automatically redistributed to the holders Also 5% of every transaction will be permanently burnt

Instead of burning the total supply at launch, it will burn according to the amount of holders there are, hence making it an exponential burn.

BurnDrop works like this; as the exponential burn happens at specific intervals of holders, those burned from the total supply gets redistributed in an airdrop system, creating what we call BurnDrop!


Ecology 78%
Recycling 73%
Organic 92%
Nature 88%
Support 78%